Introduction to Shattuck

At Shattuck Labs, we are focused on improving lives and doing it quickly.

Shattuck Labs was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating innovative technologies that enable rapid development of best-in-class therapeutics for oncology and other inflammatory diseases. Within a year, we had attracted the necessary funding to take an idea to fruition. Two short years later, our lead asset advanced from discovery to the clinic, demonstrating our sense of urgency and relentless focus on scientific and clinical excellence. Today, we have three active Phase 1 clinical trials, creating the potential to improve the lives of patients living with cancer. But we won’t stop there – our robust pipeline of drug candidates has the potential to impact patients with autoimmune and other diseases.


What drives us?

Everything we do is personal.

It’s personal. Among our team members are cancer survivors and others whose lives have been deeply affected by serious disease. Our team includes leading physicians who saw in Shattuck Labs the opportunity to reach more patients and offer them more effective treatments than those currently available. By bridging immense talent with sincere compassion across the team, we hope to not only change patients’ lives, but enhance the lives of our employees along the way through meaningful work.

Our Values

Our core values drive everything we do.

Shattuck’s success as a company depends on the creativity, motivation, and commitment of individuals, but, more importantly, how they come together as a team. The core values defined by our team represent our expectations of how we interact with each other. They also give us a blueprint for finding others who fit well with our team.

At Shattuck, we are:

Bold in the pursuit of innovative science and clinical excellence for our patients

Respectful by valuing and considering the contributions and views of others

Honest and open in our communication, trusting each other even when we disagree

Balanced in our approach, having fun in the process

Grateful for the privilege of our work and the resources entrusted to us


At Shattuck Labs, we seek to support and reward our performance-driven employees.

We offer competitive pay, with performance-based bonuses and stock option awards. Our comprehensive benefits program includes a choice of medical, vision, and dental plans from high quality providers, carefully selected to meet a range of individual needs across our team. Additionally, we offer a 401(k) with a robust matching plan, as well as income protection through employer-paid life insurance, and long-term disability coverage.

Employee health is of paramount importance to us at Shattuck Labs, and we know recharging your mind and body are essential to long-term productivity. We offer a generous PTO plan and encourage spending time with family through a paid family leave plan.

Competitive Pay

Performance-based bonuses, Equity Incentives

Health Benefits

Competitive benefits including medical, dental, vision and life


Generous paid time off


Robust matching plan

Join Our Team

Come unleash your potential at Shattuck.

From scientists, to quality and finance professionals and more, we are always seeking the best talent to join our growing team in a variety of roles at both our Austin, Texas and Research Triangle Park, NC locations.

If you are looking to find more than just a job, have a look at our current openings and tell us about yourself.

Current Openings

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